Welcome to Musings by Limbica

Welcome to Musings by Limbica

The story is a familiar one. Six months ago, three people got together in someone’s living room with an idea. These women knew each other, had worked together and had already developed a strong synergy. They came from different backgrounds and had varied skill sets. Despite that, they had all reached the same conclusion: most people are out-of-touch with their values. 

Value systems are created early and developed throughout our life. We don’t leave our values at home when we go to work, and we don’t leave them in our desk drawer when we are out with friends. Our values are with us all the time. 

We believe that things work better when they are aligned with and backed by values. Companies function optimally when everyone is moving in the same direction; speeches are more impactful if you are comfortable in your own clothes and your own skin; and people trust one another when they detect authenticity. Because we’ve been there, each one of us out-of-touch with our values, and we are convinced life is better on the other side.

We called this blog as well as all our social accounts: Musings by Limbica because we wanted a space to think out loud, bring back discourse, inspire open discussion and celebrate original thinking. We want to curate our posts to inspire and enlighten, with practical how-tos and resources so that you can attain your vision, goals and dreams in your unique way.

Every month, we will pick a general theme and approach is from each of our unique points of view: development, communication and style. We will give you different takes, voices and formats and look at each theme through different colored glasses. 

In July we will talk about Energy, something we are all charged up with when the warmth of summer and the thoughts of vacation start to come about. This is also a good time to replenish it, find out how we can keep it up and take a good look at what really drained and renewed our energy this past year.

In August, it’s about choices. This is a good month to think about where we want to invest all the energy we have harvested the month before. August is also a quiet month, most businesses are closed, people are on vacation and, generally, there is a more relaxed vibe in the air. This will give you the mental space to determine what choices you want to make in the upcoming year.

In September, we are coming back to our daily lives. This is a perfect moment to reexamine and take stock of your values. Values are what is important to us, the characteristics and behaviors that motivate us and guide our decisions. Do we even know what our values are? What are the things that really matter to us? What are the things that don’t? Once we know our values, how do we keep them close during decision-making or during crises? Value alignment is one of the key factors to success and happiness.


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